Alumni & Volunteers

GSP’s success lies within its network of dedicated supporters and exceptional scholars. Alumni and volunteer involvement in program leadership and student events is what makes GSP unique, and it’s how we are able to offer so many resources to deserving students. There are so many ways to get involved. Browse the list below to get started! As always, thank you so much for helping make GSP special!

To get involved in any of the following ways, please email!

Opportunities to get involved include…

Take a student out to coffee, or a group of students out to lunch

Students are always eager for the opportunity to get to know our supporters on a one-on-one basis, and lunches help build a strong sense of community.

Advertise a job or internship

You can offer GSP students and graduates the chance to apply for a job or internship by advertising it through the GSP Career Network.

Participate in a Wednesday Roundtable

GSP Roundtables bring together professionals to share their experiences and advice with interested students about their fields or expertise.

Meet with students for “One on One with an Alum”

Spend a Friday during the fall semester conducting one-on-one discussions with students.

Serve as an AAP Scholarship Chair

Serve as resource and contact for GSP students in your local AAP (Alumni Admissions Program) committee.

Send new or gently used clothing items or books

We are always looking for items such as winter jackets or business attire, along with books and school supplies. If you would like to donate, please contact